Our North Carolina ornament, perfect for any occasion! Hung on a twine ribbon. Measures approximately 3.75" long x 1.25" tall x 1 cm thick. Due to the handmade nature, there will be slight measurement and glaze differences in each ornament. This is to be expected and embraced!


**Please note that colors can vary on computer monitors. We depict the colors as true to life as possible. Our Magnolia glaze is not a "white white"; it's more of a creamy color.** The back and edges of the ornament are unglazed to prevent sticking to the kiln shelves. 


Our making process: 
We cut out each dress from slab rolled clay. Basically this is clay that has been flattened. Think of slab rolled clay as cookie dough: if you're making Christmas cookies, you cut out shapes from the flat piece of cookie dough. That's similar to how we cut out our ornaments. After they're cut, we hand shape each one, smoothing out the edges to ensure that there are no sharp edges and that each shape is clean. We poke holes in the top and stamp the back with our signature CW stamp. Then we let them dry until they're a "bone dry" consistency ensuring there's no extra moisture. Once they're at this point we can bisque fire them in our electric kiln to reach 1,800 degrees, allowing for extra strength. After the bisque fire we can glaze them, which is their final, most exciting step! The glaze fire takes about 18 hours and reaches 2,200 degrees. Once the kiln is cool, we can unload it. After that tie on the ribbon to put the finishing touches on our ornaments! 


**Please message us with any questions before purchasing. Thank you!!**

State of NC in Magnolia

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 Burlington, North Carolina  

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