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Learn More About Kiln Openings

What is a Kiln Opening? It's a time, only two or three times per year, where potters open up their studio to share with and sell to the public. The kiln itself is "open" in the sense that you can tour it and ask us questions. It's a tradition rather unique to wood fired kilns, and one that we are honored to continue. 

Modern-day Kiln Openings, despite what the name might betray, aren't an event where we open up our kiln to the public with pots still in it; prior to the actual Kiln Opening weekends, and 4 to 5 days after the firing, we open the kiln to unload the pots. Unfortunately, this doesn't take place during the actual "Kiln Opening" as it is a delicate and time consuming process. It can take upwards of 4 days to unload the pots from the kiln. Then we clean each and every piece, making sure there is no left over dust, no cracks or chips, and no sharp edges. 

So, after the pots are in a shape where they're ready to be seen by the public, we are ready to host our Kiln Opening. We hope you find this time as exciting as we do. It's a wonderful chance for everyone to get to know each other and for us to show you new work. We hope you'll join us and enjoy some wonderful company while you're here!

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