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Set Your Spring Table with Pottery & Other Collected Items

It's finally feeling like Spring here in central North Carolina and we couldn't wait to cut fresh flowers and set our new-to-us dining table with an eclectic mix of pottery and vintage china! Join us as we set a Spring table combining items we've collected, been gifted, and incorporate unique touches of our functional pottery, and learn how you can, too!


(p.s. can you spot the catnip remains on the table? I had to entice Merlin to pose for the picture!)

We've been living in our home going on four years now, and it's the only home we've known together as a married couple. It's ours and it's the most special place to us in the world. We love collecting things that have special meaning and memories to use in our home, and this includes china, glassware, pottery (both ours & others'!), antique furniture, and many other things. Our dining table is actually the third one we've had in this space---it took us a while to find one that we loved and that was fully functional, and we are thrilled with our find.

Though we might not sit at our formal dining table every day, we do use an eclectic mix of both pottery and vintage china every day. There's something special about using pottery and china as a mix that adds an elevated touch and provides a unique, collected style that we love. We hope that we share some fun ideas with you so you can incorporate this look in your own home, too!

Spring Table Setting with Pottery and China, The Collected Look

When thinking about arranging for a Spring table setting, I knew I wanted to use light blue contrasted with the rich earthy tones of our wood-fired pottery. To start, I used blue and white Wedgewood salad plates found on a Summer trip to help achieve this look, along with blue vintage Irish linen napkins gifted to us by my brother and future sister-in-law. We paired these blue plates with classic white English dinner plates, dessert plates, and dessert bowls gifted to us by my parents. We used vintage crystal drinking glasses, glass holders, and silver flatware that was part of our wedding pattern. To finish the place settings, we placed our coffee mugs inside of the dessert bowls! I thought this was a fun, unique, and unexpected touch, and a good way to surprise your guests!

The final, completed touch for the table was one of our slip-trailed floral decorated vases paired with an antique sliver tray. I love how the floral decoration adds an instant Spring vibe to the table, while also adding a rich depth to the table -- it's like you have functional artwork sitting at your table!

Pottery Vase with Flowers Table Setting Centerpiece

Your Spring table can be both functional and pretty! We're big believers to use what you have--don't save the fancy china for a special occasion and definitely don't let your pottery be only display items. Use them as functional art, enjoy them, and create lasting memories while using your pieces! We hope you've found some inspiration for your Spring table scape, and inspiration for using a mix of both vintage and handmade pottery pieces! Thank you for reading.


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