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Sophie's Gift

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In 2016 our family dog, Sophie, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was diagnosed with canine lymphoma. The impact of this news was devastating to us, as Sophie was only 8 years old. Lymphoma is not curable, only treatable with the hope of remission. Sophie underwent treatment and we gave her the best life possible, but she passed away in the fall of 2017. While we have no regrets of the course of treatment for Sophie and are thrilled that we extended the quality of her life for a year and a half, the emotional and financial toll that her lymphoma diagnosis and treatment took was devastating.  

Sophie’s Gift is a fund we have set up to help other pet families who are facing the diagnosis of canine or feline cancer. Small gifts of assistance are provided to our local vet who finds potential families.  

We will have dog and cat ornaments for purchase at our kiln opening. For every ornament purchased, Curry Wilkinson Pottery donates $1 to Sophie’s Gift. 

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