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Decorate Your Home for Thanksgiving & Christmas Using Handmade Pottery & Items

by Chris Faircloth, contributing author

As we move into the holidays, bring the cozy feel of autumn and winter into your home by using handmade pottery and other locally sourced, handmade items. Read on for unique, simple, and effective ways to reinvigorate a room with tradition and style using these items!

A Little Background

For centuries, North Carolina has been home to some of the most spectacular, innovative, and creative pottery in the country and has been an integral part of our state's heritage and history. Thanks to the Arts and Crafts movement in the 1920s, interest was revived in all things rural and handmade; pottery and other handcrafted items such as furniture, jewelry, and textiles, thrived.

Today, homeowners throughout the state and the country have embraced traditional pottery pieces and have integrated them into their interior decor. You can do this, too! Pottery is the perfect way to transition a room to the holidays and has the added bonus of being functional as well as decorative. Color palettes range from earth tones to more vibrant reds, glassy greens, violets, and teals. Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, there is a style of pottery that will work with your decor. There are many ways to use these vessels to decorate with for the holidays and incorporate other handmade items into them!

Ways to Incorporate!

Covered urns, vases, pitchers, large platters, plates and bowls can be used as impact pieces or transition pieces in a room. Add a sprig of holly or other greenery to a ceramic vase--this takes a year-round staple to a new holiday decorating level! It also doubles as a great centerpiece. In any room, place locally sourced Fall harvest vegetables or handmade Christmas ornaments in a bowl or plant a mini Christmas tree in a platter or large vase.

Source pinecones from your back yard, add glitter, and tie plaid ribbons at the tops to create an instant classic feel. Instead of plaid ribbons, use twine or yarn to create a hygge feel. Place these or miniature pumpkins and gourds in a large bowl and they add an instant festive holiday feel to any room! Or fill a pottery vase with wheat grass, red winterberry, dried hydrangeas and burning bush. Tie a simple plaid or vintage cotton ribbon around the bundle for an instant festive arrangement.

Remember to incorporate other handmade items into your decor. Is there a special heirloom handmade Christmas stocking from your family traditions? Is there an artist in your family who can put together a wreath for your front door or make a garland of paper Christmas trees to hang by a window or on your mantle? Get creative this year with your family to create festive handmade decor!

You can incorporate handmade into your Thanksgiving and Christmas decor--just get your creativity flowing!

Thank you for reading!

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